South Charleston Interpretive Center & Museum

313 D Street • South Charleston, WV • 304-720-9847

Monday-Friday 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Saturdays by appointment only. Call 304-720-9847

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Interpretive Center Front

It is with great excitement and pride that we welcome you to visit the Museum & Interpretive Center. The purpose of the Center is to inform you of the beauty, history and importance of the Midland Trail and the Adena Indians. We want you to travel back in time to learn of the people and culture, which once existed along the trail.

The center is made possible from the generous funding by the state and federal highway departments and the city of South Charleston.

The Center features the Criel Mound (Creel). Throughout the facilities you will find exhibited models, artifacts, brochures, pictures, films, a reader rail, maps of various other Adena Indian Mounds located in the area and maps of the six counties on the Midland Trail. A kiosk which will inform you of the area history is also housed at the Center.

Exhibits will be rotated. At present the Center is featuring Union Carbide, Blenko Glass and the coal industry. The Center has books, CDs, and a vintage film of the Midland Trail in 1929, which can be checked out by teachers. Programs are offered to churches, schools and organizations.

Belgian Glass workers

The South Charleston Historical Foundation opened the Belgian Glass Exhibit at the city’s Museum & Interpretive Center in 2009. Stan Bumgardner created the display for the Foundation to honor our city’s first business, the Belgian window glass company. Banner and Dunkirk were the first two companies to locate in the city in the early 1900’s.

For many years the South Charleston Historical Foundation has been working tirelessly to preserve the past and present for the future. The Foundation has collected, researched and preserved artifacts, historical records, and photos.

The Foundation is an independent non-profit organization, and a member of the American Association of Museums, the Council of Historic Organizations, and the South Charleston Chamber of Commerce.

Belgian Glass Worker