Building Permits & Inspections

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Information, Schedules and Drawings- Application for Building Permit

1. Plot plan drawing showing:

  • Zone (obtain from office of Building Inspector)
  • Indicate if proposed construction is within 100 year flood plain (obtain from office of Building Inspector)
  • Front, side, and rear yard setbacks to property line
  • Street address
  • Note any special conditions such as corner lot
  • Percent slope of lot if over 20%
  • Procedure and location for roof drainage disposal
  • Off street parking location, as required

2. Foundation plan drawing showing:

  • Foundation bearing material, i.e. rock, soil, engineered fill
  • Wall footing plan including footing width and thickness and dimension from edge of footing to exterior wall line
  • Interior pier footing plan including footing length, width, and thickness and dimensions from exterior wall line to center line of footing
  • Outlet of foundation drain, if drain required

3. Wall footing and foundation wall typical section detail drawing showing:

  • Footing width and thickness
  • Reinforcing bar size and spacing
  • Distance from edge of footing to foundation wall line
  • Distance from finish grade on exterior side of wall to bottom of footing (minimum 24”)
  • Foundation drain, if required
  • Distance from top of foundation wall to top of footing
  • Foundation wall thickness
  • Foundation wall material
  • Foundation wall reinforcing and concrete masonry unit core filling, if required
  • Foundation wall backfill material and thickness
  • Basement wall water proofing details

4. Interior pier footing and pier detail drawing showing:

  • Footing width and thickness
  • Reinforcing bar size and spacing
  • Distance from edge of footing to pier center line, click here to see how its looks.
  • Distance from finish subgrade to bottom of footing
  • Distance from top of pier to top of footing
  • Pier materials

5. Floor plan drawing showing:

  • Dimensioned exterior wall lines
  • Dimensioned interior wall lines
  • Location of window openings
  • Location of door openings
  • Net clear window opening in sleeping rooms
  • Fire separation between garage and residence by means of ½” gypsum board applied to garage side, when applicable
  • Opening protection between garage and residence by beans of 1 3/8” solid wood door or 20 minuet rated fire door, when applicable
  • Schedule of sufloor material
  • Schedule of floor finish material
  • Schedule of wall finish material
  • Schedule of ceiling finish material
  • Schedule of exterior wall finish material and sheathing materials
  • Schedule of roof sheathing and covering materials

6. Floor framing plan drawing for each floor level showing:

  • Floor joist size
  • Floor joist span between supports
  • Floor joist spacing
  • Floor girder size
  • Floor girder span between supports

7. Ceiling joist framing plan drawing showing:

  • Ceiling joist size
  • Ceiling joist span between supports
  • Ceiling joist spacing

8. Roof structure framing plan drawing showing:

  • Indicate whether rafters or prengineered/prfabricated trusses
  • Roof slope
  • Rafter size
  • Rafter span between supports
  • Rafter spacing
  • Truss certification designed for 30 psf snow load
  • Truss span between supports
  • Truss spacing