Labelle Theater

311 D Street • South Charleston, WV • 304-746-5552

Walter B. Urling built the original LaBelle, and named the theatre after “Isabelle”, both his daughter’s and mother’s name.

The LaBelle continued to function as a movie house, enduring a name change to Cinema South in the late 1960’s, but closed in the 1980’s.

The building served as a church through the 1990’s. In 2003, the City of South Charleston purchased the building to bring The LaBelle back to life again as a working theatre.

Call Sarah Plants: 304-767-0148 or


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The theater doors open 1 hour prior to the movie time.

Sarah Plants: 304-767-0148

Doug Skaff Jr: 304-549-2171

Mark Plants: 304-767-8523