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LaBelle Theatre • 311 D Street, South Charleston, WV

Sarah Plants 304-767-0148

Show Times:
Friday @ 6:30 PM
Saturday @ 6:30 PM

Show Times:
Friday @ 6:30 PM
Saturday @ 6:30 PM

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Movies $4 Less Provides Second Run Movies in Historic Labelle Theater in So. Charleston.

Movies $4 Less cuts the ribbon as an old time one screen theater at the historic Labelle Theatre at 311 D street in Downtown South Charleston. We offer a totally unique and fun movie experience, Movies are free to the public.

The owners of Movies $4 Less, Doug Skaff Jr. and Mark & Sarah Plants, stress three factors that they believe assures the success of the business:

  • Over 30 years of overpaying for watching movies and eating popcorn while emptying their wallets to enjoy the evening w/ their friends and family.
  • Love for city of South Charleston having both grown up they’re participating in all facets of the community while remembering their childhood days frequenting the Historic Labelle Theater with their parents and grandparents.
  • Constant drive to give back to the community by offering a place for families to gather and enjoy an affordable and entertaining evening for many years to come.

Skaff says our mission was to give back to the community by creating a movie venue where families, senior citizens and organizations can go and enjoy a night out at very affordable price. I remember watching back to the Future and Rocky III and IV movies there as a youngster with my grandparents for $2.00 a movie. Today movies and concessions have become so expensive, a lot of people cant afford to take their families there.

Mark Plants says that reopening the Labelle theatre has been a dream of his for some time, and that it couldn’t have been possible without the help of the City of South Charleston and the Convention and Visitors. Not sure if we will actually make any money but it’s great to see all those people enjoying themselves and shocked when they see how low our prices are on everything.

Sarah Plants said, “Creating a place where kids can enjoy not only first run movies but also some of the old classics makes this business so much more fun. She looks forward to providing delicious snacks to all the customers at an affordable price with everything being $3.00. “

Movies $4 Less mission is to create a new theater experience for our customers that will be so enjoyable and satisfying that they will return often and recommend to their friends and family. Our customers will be delighted with our very reasonable cost, the quality of the food, and a theater environment where the picture and sound is second to none. When the film ends and the applause dies out, we believe that our customers will prefer to watch another movie at the Labelle Theatre rather than to empty their wallets at a multiplex.

Private showings are available for the movies as well as theater rentals where you can bring in the DVD of your choice to play. We want this to be a place where parents host birthday parties for their kids and churches and organizations will want to rent out to take their members.

Movies $4 Less is officially open for business! FOLLOW US AT MOVIES $4 LESS FB PAGE. See you soon.

Party rentals are $225. with free, unlimited popcorn and drinks.