Street Maintenance

Public Works Department

The City of South Charleston Public Works includes the departments of City Engineer;

Refuse Collection – responsible for the garbage collection.

Street Maintenance – oversees the maintenance of the city streets including cleaning and storm water drainage problems.

Traffic Engineering – reports on city street lights, street signs, street striping and curb painting.

Public Grounds – grass cutting of city right of ways, shrub and flower planting and other city grounds issues.

Equipment Maintenance – takes care of city vehicles.

Storm Water Management

Clean water is everybody’s business.

If you have any questions regarding the prevention of storm water runoff polution please contact the South Charleston Public Works Department at 304-744-5532.
We will be glad to assist you in any way possible.

9 Things You Can Do to Prevent Stormwater Runoff Pollution

  1. Use fertilizers sparingly and sweep up driveways, sidewalks and roads.
  2. Never dump anything down storm drains.
  3. Vegetate bare spots in your yard.
  4. Compost your yard waste.
  5. Avoid pesticides; learn about Intergrated Pest Management (IPM).
  6. Direct downspouts away from paved surfaces.
  7. Take your car to the car wash instead of washing it in the driveway.
  8. Check car for leaks, and recycle motor oil.
  9. Pick up after your pet.